What type of shopper are you?

What type of shopper are you?

What sort of shopper are you?

I can imagine you sitting there thinking that there isn't really a 'type' of shopper - you just go and buy things and that's it; the items usually sit at the bottom of the wardrobe for a couple of weeks and that's fine - most of us do it.

But, according to American Express, who have conducted a Spendsetters Report there are in fact five different types of shoppers and this report indicates how these different groups of people will spend their money, what they will fork out for and what drives them to splash the cash.

Here they are, have a read and let us know which one of them you are.


These people are hooked on group-buying website deals and price comparison sites, 47 per cent admit that they are buying more products online compared with a year ago. The report suggests that these savvy shoppers will increasingly demand value added offers and promotions from brands, and regulary ahve their smart phones prepped to alert them of local deals and discounts.

New Villagers

Local produce and artisan items from their own neighbourhood or a specialist online community are what these customers crave. Buying items online or by hovering their phone over an item in the store, shoppers are able to get product-coded recommendations from friends.


A luxury experience are what these people are after - a celebrity chef cooking at their dinner party, attending a book club with the author themselves or a designer from a well-known fashion house personally curating their wardrobes. Invitation-only events and bespoke experiences are the key to the luxury shopper satisfaction.


These shoppers buy items that leave them with a clean conscience and usually have evidence to prove so. Twenty-six per cent od consumers are actively searching for environmentally friendly items.


They are the designer of everything before them. Their clothes will be oredered from a mass-market retailer but the cut and colour will be their choice and their children will be the lead characters of their own books.

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