Shopping may take hours, but the perfect outfit takes just 12 seconds

Shopping may take hours, but the perfect outfit takes just 12 seconds

Shopping may take hours and hours, but finding the perfect outfit takes us just 12 seconds, according to a new survey.

The research found that 80% of women admitted to shopping around for over four hours when it came to finding the perfect outfit for a wedding, party or a special anniversary. However, 78% of those said once they find the perfect dress they know within 10-15 seconds.   

One in ten women, 90%, said that they instantly knew when a dress was ‘the one’ because of the style and fit, whilst 56% said it was also due to the colour. Nearly 70% of women also admitted to going back to try a dress on more than once.

One participant said: “When you pick up different items in the shop it’s hard to know what they’re going to look like on, but once you’ve tried them you just know. I spend ages shopping around to make sure I get the best outfit, but I always know immediately when I’ve found the one.”

The survey found that women try on 18 different frocks before they find what they are looking for, and that on average they spend 4.8 hours shopping for different outfit options.

When it came to the checklist for the perfect outfit, 95% of women ranked a flattering fit as the most important factor, ensuring it was appropriate for the occasion came in at a close second and matching shoes and accessories came in at third.

The price came in a lot lower than other factors at number five with some respondents agreeing the price had little influence when deciding which dress to purchase. One in twenty, five per cent, said that they would spend up to £275 if the dress ticked all the right boxes. Just over a quarter, 27% said that £175 was their cut off point, with the remaining 68% saying they would be looking to spend under £100 for a complete outfit.

Other factors taken into account included its versatility, store it was bought from, opportunities to wear again and whether it was an investment piece. 

A spokeswoman for, who conducted the research, said: “We always assume that women are very indecisive, but it’s interesting to see that women are quick to make a decision when they find exactly what they are looking for.

“The results of the survey seem to show that women find their perfect outfit when they’ve been shopping for quite a while. That’s probably because they have a clearer idea of what sort of style suits them and what they are looking for.

“Our advice is to try researching dresses online to narrow down what sort of style you’re looking for to reduce your shopping time.”

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