The Spice Girls Cavalli Outfits

The Spice Girls Cavalli Outfits

Victoria Beckham is set to auction off the outfits she wore on the Spice Girls Reunion Tour to raise money for charity.

The Spice Girl will sell six designs which were created for her by fashion legend Roberto Cavalli in the hope of raising £1 million for her children's charity.

"I love all the outfits - for the memories they hold and for how beautiful they are," said Victoria to the Sunday Mirror, "But there has been a lot of interest in them and I want to harness that for the charity."

A spokesman said: "Victoria is putting together various ideas for the sale. She would consider offers from individuals - for the right price.

"It's time for any high rollers out there to get their chequebooks out."

The Victoria and David Beckham Children's Charity, managed by her mum Jackie Adams, provides kids with wheelchairs and other essential aids which are famously painted pink and decorated with glitter if for a girl.

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