Beth Ditto

Beth Ditto

Beth Ditto has been speaking out about how unfair the fashion industry is for bigger women.

The heavyweight lead singer of The Gossip thinks the fashion industry is biased towards thinner women and does not cater for larger ladies.

Beth claims fashion "isn't fair" and insists she has great style but she struggles to get clothes to fit her curvy frame.

"I love fashion, but it's just not fair. Here's the deal: Fashion should be for everyone," said Beth to advocate magazine.

"Fashion is one thing - I love style. Those are two different things. I think fashion is a product that can be bought and sold and is made for you, and style is something that you get up and you do it to yourself every morning. Fashion is a product, but style is a way of life. You can't buy style, it's an instinct."

There were rumours that Beth was to create a plus size range with New Look earlier this year but the store denied they had any plans to work with her.

The singer told the Sun newspaper in June:” I’m in talks with New Look at the moment. I love their stuff.”

However a New Look spokesperson told contact music:” It’s a misunderstanding.”

“We did send Beth some clothes samples as gifts, as we do many celebs, but we have had no contact with her at all. I think she may have received the clothes and misunderstood.”

Rumours about a Ditto/ Topshop collaboration - following the success of Kate Moss's collection - also came to nothing.

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