British lingerie label, The Modern Courtesan has recruited Esme Bianco as its new model.

The burlesque dancer, actress and former muse of Terry de Havilland and Agent Provocateur will model the label's newest collections.

Inspired by the illicit hours that people while away in rural England, the collections are called The Hunt and Weekend in the Country.

The Hunt features a more racing green feel to its range, while Weekend in the Country is more girly, with lots of pink chiffon and lace, with flashes of tweed.

Esme is reportedly thrilled with her new role, commenting: "I think that sexy underwear can be seen even when you are clothed - it comes out in the way you walk, your posture, your cheeky smile, everything!"

"The new collections are so original that they were a pleasure to model - The Modern Courtesan's use of fabric in both collections is very unique. I love the mix of lace and tweed."