Heidi Klum

Heidi Klum

Heidi Klum was pictured in a series of bizarre fashion outfits yesterday, as she posed for German Vogue.

The supermodel donned a crazy pair of thigh-high platform Alexander McQueen boots and a simple black dress for one shot, as eager Rodeo Drive shoppers looked on.

Heidi's dangerously high heels prevented her from moving around very much, but considering we've already seen a similar pair of boots on pal Victoria Beckham last year, perhaps this is the latest celebrity 'it' trend.

Aside from the bizarre platform boots, the Project Runway star also wore a red sequined mini dress, with matching wrap and a black plunging neckline dress, with puffy white shoulders.

The highlight of the shoot however, had to be the crazy creation she wore towards the end of the shoot.

A black dress, split on one side, complete with blue shoulder pom poms and what appeared to be a pink plastic toy hanging off her waist. We kid you not.

Only Heidi could pull of this kind of crazy fashion and still look stunning.


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