JENNIFER LOPEZ met animal rights protestors head on at a record signing in New York yesterday - by wearing a fox fur poncho.

Volunteers from PEOPLE FOR THE ETHICAL TREATMENT OF ANIMALS (PETA) camped outside Virgin Records store in Times Square, Manhattan on Tuesday (01MAR05) to protest J.Lo's use of animal skins in music videos and fur content in her new fashion line SWEETFACE.

But the sexy superstar defiantly waved to protestors and fans assembled outside the store and cheerily waved as she entered the store wearing the accessory, which was lined with fox fur.

DAWN CARR, a PETA director, insists the group will continue to campaign against Lopez: "She is our latest target. We have sent her dozens of letters and DVDs to try to show her why the fur trade is so evil but she has ignored us.

"The amount of fur J.Lo has worn recently and now uses in her clothing line , shows he is blind to the horrific cruelty of the fur industry."

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