Stella McCartney

Stella McCartney

Stella McCartney wants every Team GB athlete to feel "special" in their Olympic kit.

The fashion designer created the Adidas outfits for the British athletes to wear during the London 2012 Games and as well as being comfortable, she wants them all to feel confident in them.

She said: "Ultimately the athletes know they've had someone looking closely at every single moment of the design and I hope that lifts their spirits and makes them feel special."

Stella says it was very difficult getting the kits to be stylish as well as practical and took a lot of time and effort getting them just right.

She told Stylist magazine: "Working at this level, with 47 disciplines and over 900 athletes, and with every discipline having its own set of rules and regulations, I had to come from a different starting point to my previous sports performance ranges for Adidas, I started the process talking to the athletes themselves, asking them questions and getting into the psychological side of what they wear to compete.

"They all said they felt the way they looked did impact on how they performed. We all forget that athletes are normal people too and in the same way that you or I feel differently when we know we look good, so do they."

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