Stella McCartney

Stella McCartney

Stella McCartney thinks women's fragrances should allow their personality to "shine".

The designer - who released her first perfume in 2003 - admits her new scent Lily has an "almost aggressive" side to it, which is similar to how she works.

She said: "Everyone wants a fragrance that lets their personality shine through, not one that gives them a headache.

"I've been thinking about this perfume since my first scent Stella launched in 2003. I love lily of the valley - it was in my wedding bouquet - but I wanted to match its femininity with something tough, so I added truffle and moss, which is almost aggressive.

"This is similar to how I work with my ready-to-wear collections."

However, the British sartorialist was also keen to make sure the bottle matched the perfume.

She told UK's In Style magazine: "I went for cut glass and cut crystal, as they create an interesting texture, while the pink juice is subtle and delicate."