Alexa Chung thinks "it's lame" for celebrities to have a stylist.

Alexa Chung

Alexa Chung

The 36-year-old fashion expert - who hosts Netflix's 'Next In Fashion' with Tan France - has said preferred to style herself on the show as she hates it when a celebrity hires someone to pick their outfits for them.

Speaking to Refinery29, Alexa confessed: "I think it's lame to have a stylist basically.

"I hate it when celebrities have stylists. It's like, what's your own style?"

Alexa did have a stylist on the streaming network's fashion competition as bosses wanted to be able to "keep track" of her outfits, but the model insists all fashion choices were her own.

She explained: "I chose to work with Danielle Nachmani. Because it was just for the show. I needed help pulling it, and they have to keep track of it. I feel like I'm justifying that. I think I'm justifying it because it matters a lot to me that I style myself, and so this is one of the only occasions where I've actually used a stylist.

"But she was great. She is a fantastic stylist, and I'm a big fan of her work. She dresses lots of celebrities. I think she does such a great job. With me she did lots of it, but also I dictated a lot of it as well."

The fashion writer loves to pick out her own clothes, because she enjoys exploring the way the modern fashion world has changed.

She added: "Since the revolution of social media and online shopping, it's a different ballgame. It's no longer going to a destination perusing the racks.

"In turn, clothes have changed. The way that we interact with style has changed. It's about individualism, but at the same time things can become homogenised faster because the more likes it gets, [the more] it spreads out. I think we cycle through trends at a faster rate."

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