Alexa Chung found working on her fashion line "intimidating" at first.

Alexa Chung

Alexa Chung

The 36-year-old launched ALEXACHUNG in May 2017 and admitted she initially "relied heavily" on her team around her and reigned in her creativity because of her own "insecurity".

She said: "It was such an intimidating process in the beginning, and I had to rely heavily on my team.

My insecurity about not having trained at Saint Martins meant that I was creating clothes that could have been a little bit more unabashedly me."

But now, the 'Next in Fashion' star is far more comfortable with her vision and "proud" of her own ideas.

She said: "I'm not embarrassed by my influences now. I'm just like, yeah, I want to make David Bowie pants! Or whatever it is. I'm a bit more proud of my perspective."

Alexa knows she still has a lot to learn but one thing she does know is a designer needs to use their "own voice".

She told Who What Wear: "I'm not at the end of my learning journey, obviously. But something I learned in the process of doing Next in Fashion is that the designers who end up winning are the ones who really listen to their own voice."

The brunette beauty's upcoming resort collection is a "psychadelic Easter party" and Alexa took inspiration from binge watching TV advertising drama 'Mad Men'.

She said: "I was thinking about how women in the '60s were hopped up on Valium, seemingly having it all but still feeling this malaise.

"I get very carried away with the inspiration, and my team has become really good at translating those ideas into something that actually makes sense."

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