Alexa Chung's business has reportedly recorded an annual loss of almost £1.5 million.

Alexa Chung

Alexa Chung

The 34-year-old beauty is among the most recognisable faces in the fashion world, but her own business, Alpha Charlie, has recorded some eye-watering losses, according to the Daily Mail newspaper.

Alexa ran up the debts in the company before its launch in May 2017, and documents show that those losses rose from a relatively modest £75,000 to around £1.5 million.

The accounts cover the launch year, which could be expected to run up a loss.

But the scale of the losses mean that Alexa - whose business name is based on her own initials - will have to sell a huge number of items in order for her company to turn a profit.

The British beauty's line is being sold in stores like Selfridges, and it features 145 individual pieces.

Alexa - who split from Hollywood actor Alexander Skarsgard last year - revealed when she launched her own line that she was looking forward to embracing the creative freedoms it afforded her.

The model - who launched her business on the back of a £3 million share issue - explained: "I just wanted the freedom to make my own world, without someone else's brand's brief to stick to.

"I feel like I need to get it up and running while I'm still young enough to have the energy and in touch with pop culture enough to make something that is actually relevant to the audience today."

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