Alexis Ren thinks time is an "illusion".

Alexis Ren (c) Instagram

Alexis Ren (c) Instagram

The 21-year-old model has wished her Instagram followers a happy 2018, but has also revealed she doesn't consider time to be "real", arguing it is merely an "agreement/illusion".

Alongside a photo of herself inside a car wearing a red bikini top, Alexis wrote: "even though New Years isn't real cause time is just an agreement/illusion I still think it's dope we can all set intentions as a collective to better ourselves. f**k it (sic)"

Alexi has previously claimed to be "wise" beyond her years.

The brunette beauty - who has modelled for the likes of Calvin Klein and L'Oréal during her career - thinks she's more self-aware than most people her age, because she has already experienced so much in her life.

Speaking in 2016, Alexis explained: "I think I've lived more in five years than a person has in their entire life.

"Because of how much I've gone through, I want to say I'm more wise than my age."

And Alexis accepts that dealing with the adulation of fans is now part and parcel of her daily life.

Asked about the devotion of her followers, Alexis replied: "I just honestly accepted it as part of the job, and I learned how to enjoy it.

"I will never get tired of it, because I've already accepted that's part of my job, and it would be rude of me to be like, 'But I don't like that.'

"If I can make a girl's day by hugging her, hell yeah, I'll hug the crap out of her. I will kiss her on the cheek. I will love her. I will take as many photos as she wants. That's how I'll always be."