Alice Temperley spends "six months" designing a new fashion collection.

Alice Temperley

Alice Temperley

The 42-year-old fashion designer, who founded her eponymous brand in 2000, is set to showcase her upcoming capsule at London Fashion Week later this month, and the star has revealed her and her creative team "work really hard" for half of the year to perfect the garments before they showcase them.

Speaking to Claudia Winkleman on BBC Radio Two on Sunday (03.09.17), the creative mastermind said: "I think I have done probably my 26th [collection] and you probably get used to it, and the team is amazing and we work for six months, and we work really hard to put it together, and by the time show time comes it's finished, it's priced and then the production it's kind of over to the team."

Although the fashion mogul has released multiple fashion lines, she still feels nervous prior to the big unveil.

She added: "You do still get butterflies but it is over to them. You have to be organised there's so many clothes. You have to be organised."

But before the star puts pen to paper and comes up with her creations she takes some time out and "switches off" from the world because it helps her to feel inspired.

She said: "Really I get inspiration when I 'm not doing anything and I switch off and I'm off gadgets, I'm off everything and lie quietly. I have a big archive so I collect for that a lot.

I do markets, I do research places, travel and I go to New York, or LA, or different cities, I go to special textile fabric archive places, I go to lots of reclamation yards, and junk yards and I just love stuff and looking. So I am always collecting. Then we figure out who our muse is and how we want her to look for the season. And then we build."

Alice - who has eight-year-old son Fox - has hinted she is excited for the upcoming exhibition as it is her "favourite" time of the year.

She explained: "London has an edge, it definitely does.

"I showed in New York because we had shops over there and we needed to support our wholesale market. And then I had a son. Then I decided I want to be in London, I am a London designer, it's good to support London Fashion Week.

"Now there's so many good designers in England that it makes it a really exciting place to be. And it's my favourite fashion week out of all of them. "