Allison Williams found it "exhausting" dying her hair.

Allison Williams

Allison Williams

The 28-year-old actress has recently coloured her hair blonde, and the star has revealed she was left completely drained by the beauty overhaul because there is "so much" maintenance needed to maintain her golden locks.

Speaking about her new tresses and struggle with the beauty regime on 'The Late Late Show With James Corden', the 'Girls' star: "I am exhausted. For all of you who have dyed hair, you are heroes. This is exhausting -- who knew? There's so much maintenance! It's a whole thing."

And the American star is constantly questioned whether she is having more fun with lighter locks, but she has admitted her enjoyment levels have not increased since undergoing the dye job.

She explained: "People keep asking me that and I finally realized that they're asking it because they're hoping I'm more fun now. That's definitely why. Even my friends and family are like, 'Are you having more fun? Is this going to be a more enjoyable relationship for us? Are you also more fun?' And the answer is no."

However, she has admitted her tresses have led her to be noticed more.

She said: "I walk into a room and before people are disappointed by the marriage and the fact that [my hair] isn't attached to Sienna Miller or something. They're like 'Oh a blonde person with boobs!' And not even barely."

Although Allison - who is married to Ricky Van Veen - doesn't think her life has changed with a different colour hair, she doesn't regret her decision to change her brunette tresses, and she has teased her

She said: "It was worth it, if only to go undercover into the male psyche. Because let me just tell you, you are real simple. Even simpler than I thought."

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