Allison Williams is "happy" she has dyed her hair brown again.

Allison Williams

Allison Williams

The 29-year-old actress has gone "back to [her] roots" as she has ditched her blonde locks and opted to go brunette again, and though she found having the lighter hair colour "fun", she is glad she has returned to the darker shade.

Alongside a photograph of her with her brown tresses, which was posted on her Instagram account, she wrote: "Back to my roots. Blonde was fun, but I've got to say that I'm happy to be back. (sic)."

The 'Girls' star has revealed when she had lighter tresses she was constantly asked if she has more fun with blonde hair, but she has hinted the change in her appearance did not make an impact on her personality.

Speaking previously, she said: "I finally realised that when people [ask if blondes have more fun], they are hoping that I am more fun than I used to be, especially my friends and family, who are now like, 'So are you a [personality] type B? Are you more chill and relaxed than you used to be?'"

Although Allison didn't notice any difference in herself, she did find she was getting "more attention" from others.

She added: "You definitely get more attention. It's so stupid."

But the 'Get Out' beauty has admitted she takes extra care of her hair when she is asleep, as she lays her head on a satin pillowcase and wears a satin eye mask to make sure the elastic around the item does not "pull" her hair out.

Speaking previously about the extent she goes to to protect her locks, she said: "Not only do I have a satin pillowcase, I have a satin eye mask so the back of my eye mask doesn't pull on my hair ... and I sleep in, like, a bonnet. It's very cute, my divorce is imminent."

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