Anais Gallagher and her dad Noel Gallagher "clash" over which shoe brand is the best.

Anais Gallagher on ES Magazine cover

Anais Gallagher on ES Magazine cover

The 17-year-old model, who was signed to Select Model Management at the age of just 12, is the face of sports brand Reebok and she admits her Oasis star father mocks her over her trainers because he's an Adidas devotee.

Speaking about their sneaker spats in an interview with ES Magazine, she said: "It's kind of funny because my dad's inherently Adidas ­- it's the clash of the shoe brands!"

Although Anais and her dad Noel, 49, argue about trainers they do share the same taste in music these days especially since she grew out of her boy band phase.

And the blonde starlet is a big fan of her dad's solo albums and LPs with his former band Oasis - who were fronted by his younger brother Liam, Anais' uncle.

Anais - whose mother is Noel's ex-wife Meg Matthews - shared: "Now I have good taste in music. My taste is identical to my dad's. I'm a diehard David Bowie fan. I love The Beatles, I love The Smiths, my dad's music ... anything that's made with real instruments. I don't listen to anything that's on the radio and I doubt that anything on a playlist of mine is from the last 20 years. My knowledge of music has always been good because I think my dad would disown me if it wasn't. What I take from my dad is my taste in music, his sense of humour, his attitude, and then from my mum I take her energy and positive outlook on life."