Ariana Grande loves the "science" behind her make-up line.

Ariana Grande loves science

Ariana Grande loves science

The 'God is a Woman' hitmaker launched r.e.m. beauty in November and she has particularly enjoyed manufacturing products with the right "pigment and smells" because she is "kind of a nerd".

She told "I have learned so much about the science – working on the formulas and overcoming obstacles while we push for the best pigment, smells and yummiest everything possible. Being involved on a granular level has been so fun for me, because I love science – I’m kind of a nerd in that way!"

As well as creating the products, Ariana has also enjoyed coming up with "cool" packaging designs.

She added: "From a physical perspective, the packaging is also so much fun. I love that I’ve been able to do a little bit of that with fragrance over the years, but it’s different with make-up – it is so cool. I’m just so happy with the world that [my team and I] have created together."

Ariana is excited by the new eyeshadows she's adding to her range.

She said: "We’re expanding the r.e.m. range with three new palettes. There are so many fun, statement colours in them – there’s some really great ’60s colours in the Midnight Snack palette. I love to use [eyeshadow] to create a cat eye or negative space cut crease."

Meanwhile, the 'thank u, next' hitmaker admitted her skincare routine is one thing that helps her to unwind every day.

Asked how she relaxes, she said: "It has nothing to do with beauty, but I love meditation, taking a long bath and doing my skincare. Anything that feels like you’re giving yourself that moment of care and committing to it, whether that’s skincare before bed or a bath.

"Whenever I meditate, I use lavender essential oils – it immediately triggers calmness."

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