Ariel Winter feels like a "new woman" every time she colours her hair.

Ariel Winter

Ariel Winter

The 21-year-old actress - who recently partnered with Ulta Beauty on the brand's new in-store hair salon platform - has opened up about her own long locks, and revealed she likes to be "adventurous" with her tousles and try out different colours.

She said: "Every time I come out of getting my hair done I feel like a new woman. I'm pretty adventurous with my hair, I'll try a lot of things."

And Ariel - who plays Alex Dunphy on US sitcom 'Modern Family' - went on to admit she doesn't get to change her locks as much as she'd like because her character has kept box-dyed black hair since her debut in 2009.

She added: "Alex doesn't change up her look that much. I don't experiment with it [on the show] so it's fun for me to do it outside of work."

The 'Sofia the First' actress recently dyed her tousles a copper red, and the star insisted she felt like a "different person" and was "shocked" at how she didn't recognise herself.

Speaking to PEOPLE, Ariel continued: "It makes me feel like a new me. After I got it done, I was looking in the mirror and I felt like a completely different person.

"I was pretty shocked that my hair colour could make me look so different and a lot of people will not recognise me. They don't piece it together because the hair looks so different for them, but I like it a lot."

Ariel's natural hair colour is dark blonde, and the star confessed that she has dyed her locks so many times in the past, her main priority is to now keep her hair "healthy".

She admitted: "People never guess, but my natural hair colour is dirty blonde. I've always had dark eyebrows so I was that person.

"I have dirty blonde hair and really dark eyebrows and dark eyes. I've dyed it so many times in the past so really the most important thing for me with my hair now is trying to keep my hair healthy."

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