Vivenne Westwood's son has slammed a documentary about the fashion designer.

Vivienne Westwood

Vivienne Westwood

Ben Westwood has questioned the credibility of the 'Westwood: Punk, Icon, Activist' documentary - which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival and is currently showing at London cinemas - because the director, Lorna Tucker, didn't feature enough about his mother's activism and charity work, and instead focused on archive footage.

In a statement posted to Dazed, he said: "Just recently, I have had the chance to watch the film that Lorna Tucker has been making for the last three years, about my mother Vivienne & I would like to make the following statement: Lorna asked Vivienne if she could make a film about her activism, Vivienne agreed because she wanted to help her. Vivienne asked for no money & everybody was extremely generous with Lorna. She had access to Vivienne's home & her family & friends & we provided her with personal photos & archive material.

"But what was Lorna really doing for those three years? She had access to everything & yet she chose to focus on what was not important.

"She chose to miss the real story.

"Let alone illustrating Vivienne's world view or her environmental work, the film does not even show her fashion properly. Vivienne had done great work in fashion during those three years of filming, but she hasn't shown any of it. That film is on the cutting room floor.

"I would like to suggest that Lorna returns all of that footage to us, as it is the only record of these events & that since she is bound to make money from this film, that she makes a generous donation to one of Vivienne's charities, one of the many charities you will not have heard about in Lorna's film. (sic)"

After the film was announced, Vivienne's representatives said it was a "shame" that it didn't focus "even five minutes" on the star's charity work.

In a statement posted on Twitter, they said: "It's a shame, the film is mediocre, and Vivienne and Andreas are not."