In order to celebrate 50 years of 'Colour as Real as You Are' from nice'n easy, we're taking a look back at all the bizarre and experimental methods ancient civilisations used to dye their hair, reminding us just how lucky we are today. After reading this, you'll be grateful that these techniques won't come back in style any time soon - we certainly are!

Given the many beauty trends pioneered by the ancient Egyptians - Cleopatra's impeccable eyeliner, anyone? - it should come as no surprise that they attempted to dye their hair long before anyone else. As black hair was the ultimate symbol of beauty, the ladies of ancient Egypt used lead-based dye to get the dark locks of their dreams. Though this was maybe effective, lead should probably stay far away from your head. Talk about taking risks in the name of fashion.

Favouring light hair, the ancient Greeks created their own dye by mixing wood ash with vinegar or lye soap. Usually, these things are only mixed by people in lab coats, as the mixture can damage your hair while not being very effective. Not a good combo.

The ancient Romans created maybe the strangest formula of all to achieve dark locks. They would ferment pickled leeches for two months and then apply the pasty product to their hair and sit directly in the sun for two hours to bake it in... Gross!

Luckily for us all living in 2016, dyeing our hair is nowhere near as crazy as it once was. nice'n easy has made DIY hair dye accessible and simple for 50 years in the UK, improving as the years go by. Natural-looking, beautiful colours, both light and dark with 56 shades to choose from, are what nice'n easy do best. Nice'n easy dye also comes with ColourSeal conditioner, which delivers intense care, shine and smoothness. Voila, your hair looks and feels beautiful.

Surely the girls from ancient civilizations would have loved to have great hair care like we do now, not that we can blame them.

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