Does Cara Delevingne influence your style?

Does Cara Delevingne influence your style?

We may turn to friends for everything, relationship problems, diet woes and professional battles, but style advice we don't.

New research shows that women would rather trust a complete stranger than the friend that knows them best with their personal style.

The new One Poll survey, commissioned by HELLO! Fashion Monthly, has discovered that celebrities were the most popular influence on Fashion purchases for women in the UK - whether it's through following them on social media or reading interviews in fashion magazines.

When asked what most inspires their fashion purchases, 48% of the 1000 women aged 18-34 surveyed stated that reading about/following celebrities on social media has the strongest impact above all other persuasive influences. With famous fashion figures like Victoria Beckham, Cara Delevingne and Kate Moss, dominating both media headlines and social media, it’s no wonder women in the UK are so inspired by celebrity style.

Best friends came in second with 31% of the vote, indicating those years of camaraderie do count for something when it comes to listening to our friends opinions.

Interestingly, Mums completed the top three, suggesting that after years of battling our parents during the difficult teenage years we now turn to them for style advice, proving that mothers really do know best.

The complete list of fashion influencers is as follows:

1.       Celebrities – 48%
2.       Best friend – 31%
3.       Mum – 14%
4.       Street Style – 13%
5.       TV programmes – 11%
6.       Siblings – 11%
7.       Partner  – 9%
8.       Bloggers – 6%
9.       Advertisements – 4%

Juliet Herd, Editor of HELLO! Fashion Monthly says of the results:

“This survey has provided us with some great insight into the mind set of British women and the leading influencers which impact their fashion purchasing decisions. It is interesting to see that women are so influenced by celebrity culture – through reading celebrity interviews in fashion magazines and following their favourite celebrities on social media channels such as Instagram.

The world of fashion and celebrity is becoming increasingly intertwined and I think this has been reflected in the results of our survey.” 

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