Chanel has recreated pieces from its archive for Kristen Stewart's costumes in her new film 'Café Society'.

Karl Lagerfeld

Karl Lagerfeld

Woody Allen has enlisted the help of the luxury brand to help him create the classic look from the 1930s for his new movie, which sees the 26-year-old actress portray Vonnie.

Speaking to The Telegraph online, costume designer Suzy Benzinger said: "Chanel was so helpful to me [...] I went to Paris and went through their archive to pull looks for Kristen [to wear in character].

"It is the most wonderful history lesson on the face of the earth. It wasn't that Kristen worked for Chanel, but in my research Chanel popped up all the time in Vogue even though they didn't have a shop in New York yet."

It isn't the first time the designers have worked with the director, as Cate Blanchett donned a white tweet Chanel jacket in 2013's 'Blue Jasmine'.

Suzy stated that Chanel "never" says no to working with the filmmaking heavyweight because she believes Chanel boss Karl Lagerfeld "understands" him.

She said: "Chanel never say no to Woody. They are so generous and kind. The funny thing with Woody and the fashion industry is they get him, these designers are designing four times a year and when you are working with Woody you work all the time and never leave the building - and that's how Karl [Lagerfeld] works too.

"Karl is the real deal and there till 12pm with sketches and swatches, and Woody is like that. He is a workaholic - he writes, edits, directs, scores and does everything. People in fashion understand that - everything is wonderful and beautiful but it takes a lot of time to get there."