Chloe Veitch regrets wearing heavy make-up everyday on 'Too Hot To Handle'.

Chloe Veitch

Chloe Veitch

The 20-year-old model would spend plenty of time on camera creating her signature full glam look during the Netflix reality dating series, but after watching herself back she realised how insecure she felt having to cover up her natural beauty.

She told Refinery29: "Thinking back to it, I wouldn't have worn such heavy makeup every day. I was actually surprised at how much make-up I had on throughout the whole series! I think it was more of an insecurity of mine; I wanted to look perfect, but I prefer myself with no make-up."

Chloe felt pressured to apply a full face of products each day, but still worried she would be judged by viewers if she smudged her masterpiece.

She continued: "You've got pressure with cameras watching you all the time," she says. "If your eyeliner is not there anymore, or your lipstick is smudged, you think, 'I'm going to get judged so hard for this' with millions of people watching."

Now, the brunette beauty is determined to help others combat their insecurities by showing them they don't need to cover their face in make-up to look beautiful.

She said: "I have got a reputation to uphold now.

"It's my time to show people that you don't have to wear make-up all the time to feel beautiful."

What's more, Chloe - who was fan favourite on the series - has claimed she was actually scouted for rival ITV2 programme 'Love Island' but decided to test herself on the brand new format.

She revealed: "When I was getting cast for 'Too Hot To Handle', I actually got a phone call requesting to get a meeting to go on 'Love Island' in London.

"But I turned it down because I thought... I know what I'm walking in to with 'Love Island'.

"This new show is completely different. What if this new show is something that is more suitable and beneficial for me?"