Christian Louboutin is set to release a range of baby shoes next month.

Christian Louboutin

Christian Louboutin

The 54-year-old fashion designer is known for his signature red bottom sole footwear designs, and it has been reported on that the creative mastermind has teamed up with Goop's CEO Gwyneth Paltrow to create his first range of shoes for tiny tots.

And the 45-year-old actress has admitted it was an "honour" to work with the iconic creator on the limited edition capsule.

She said: "Goop's fashion ethos has always centered on trendless quality. It was an honour to work with Christian and his team to design the quintessential collection of fall classics: true investment pieces that us - and eventually our daughters and nieces - will wear for years."

Christian has hailed the blonde-haired beauty as a "great partner in crime", and he has hinted it was "fun" joining forces with Gwyneth on the range.

The businessman - who founded his first footwear store in Paris in the 1990s - said: "There is nothing that I favour more than a good tête-à-tête, and for that Gwyneth is a great partner in crime. When friendship meets work, the results are serious fun."

The Loubibaby collection will include classic Mary Jane shoes in a variety of shades, including red, blue, pink and gold, and on each item a handmade bow will feature, as well as the red base.

Christian and Gwyneth's upcoming designs will total up to $250 when they hit stores on November 16.

The Loubibaby line will be available to buy on the Goop website, and customers will also be able to get the chance to get their hands on the highly coveted merchandise at Goop holiday pop up stores in New York, Los Angeles and Miami as well.