Christian Siriano loved working with Cardi B.

Cardi B

Cardi B

The American fashion designer has revealed that the 'I Like It' hitmaker is "surprisingly" easy to work with and that he enjoys styling her as she "has fun with fashion."

In an interview with Bravo, he said: "Oh my god, I love her so much.

"I love making things for her. She's a character but also a very real person, which is really nice. She's actually very easy to work with, surprisingly, and knows what she likes so that also is helpful.

"And she has fun with fashion. She really plays and mixes her look. I have to send her a pair of our new transition glasses because she's gonna die for them."

The 'Project Runway' winner will be showing his latest collection at New York Fashion Week in spring 2019, and the 32 year old's line will be "colourful and romantic".

He said: "It's like this Italian holiday kind of feel. It's going to feel very travel, kind of like what you would throw in a suitcase but you have all these places to go.

"It will always be colorful and romantic just because I love that, and powerful, hopefully."

Christian launched his eponymous collection in 2008, and the designer doesn't think he can pin point a single favourite piece.

He said: "Oh god, I have no idea. It's hard, we literally dressed 17 people on Oscar night this past year and every single one of them I really just loved. I thought they all were different but all very special and unique in their own way. So it's very hard to choose and it also changes and depends on my day. Some days I'm into it, some days I'm not. They all are special, for sure."