Christopher Bailey believes he is a bad dancer.

Christopher Bailey

Christopher Bailey

The 45-year-old fashion designer has admitted he is "crap" at pulling shapes on the dancefloor, although he likes to convince himself he is "great" at getting down to the music.

Speaking to Elle magazine, the creative mastermind - who was honoured with the Best British Brand of the Year award for his creations at Burberry at this year's Elle Style Awards - said: "What am I like on the dancefloor? I'm probably crap, but I think I'm great."

But the entrepreneur believes all anyone needs is a "bit of self confidence" to make you think you are excellent at everything.

He explained: "That's all you need, though - a bit of self-confidence."

Meanwhile Christopher, who was announced as the creative director of the British luxury label in 2004 but has since stepped down to focus on the artistic aspects of the British label, has claimed he never wanted his own fashion line and insists he has always been happy to be "number two" to the iconic brand.

Speaking previously, he said: "You do have to leave your ego at the door.

"That was something that was very clear to me - and I've never aspired to have my own brand.

"I was always happier as a number two and when you're working for an iconic, heritage brand, you are a number two because the brand is number one and it always will be."

And the mogul admits he still feels a sense of "responsibility" to Thomas Burberry, who founded the British brand in 1856 and despite his high position within the company, he only feels like he is "looking after" it until someone else comes along.

He explained: "[If I could speak to Burberry, I would say], 'I hope we've done OK by you.' And I think he'd probably say, 'You could have done better.'

"I definitely feel a sense of responsibility to him, because it takes great courage to build something that has your name on it and I don't wear that responsibility lightly.

"But I also have an innate sense that I'm only looking after this company until it's time to pass it on to somebody else - and that makes me want to do what's right for Burberry in the long term."

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