Christopher Kane believes other designers regularly copy his work.

Christopher Kane

Christopher Kane

The Scottish designer admits there are times he hasn't explored all his ideas to their fullest potential, prompting others to expand the aesthetic to great success, so now he pushes things as far as he can to avoid his creations being "stolen".

He said: "In the past I've walked away from ideas and other people have stolen them so now I'm like, 'Let's do them all'.

"I didn't work my arse off with Tammy (sister and co-creative director) for 20 years for someone to just run with it and make millions.

"I'm not bitter, just honest."

And Christopher also bemoaned the lack of creativity in the fashion industry these days, admitting he longs for the days when the likes of John Galliano and Alexander McQueen sent "spellbinding" creations down the runway.

He told the Evening Standard newspaper: "Everything is just looking the same. What happened to real hard work? People are lazy. Or they can't be bothered.

"It was spellbinding [in the old days].

"Nowadays, it seems like creativity is getting slapped in the face."

The 34-year-old designer wants his own creations to appeal to as many people as possible.

He said: "I'm not a snob. I want the First Lady to wear my clothes but I want a Page 3 girl to wear them, too...

"I don't want to be exclusive, I want to be inclusive. I want the 60 year old who buys Oscar de la Renta to shop with us, just as I want a young girl to buy a T-shirt or a lipstick."

However, he is unimpressed by certain fashion bloggers and the street-style phenomenon.

He said: "It puts me off clothes sometimes. I don't want to look like a Christmas tree."

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