Christopher Kane wanted to be an "extra" on 'Downton Abbey', according to actress Laura Carmichael.

Christopher Kane

Christopher Kane

The 34-year-old fashion designer and Erdem Moralıoğlu were desperate to star in an episode of the popular BBC British drama after they visited the theatrical set and riffled through the costume cupboard, including Maggie Smith's fur collection.

Speaking about the creative masterminds trip to the theatrical set, Laura - who plays the role of Lady Edith Crawley in the drama - told Town and Country Magazine: "Erdem when through the clothes and was digging through all the stuff; he wanted to see Maggie [Smith]'s furs.

"He and Christopher wanted to be extras."

And the 'Marcella' star believes the pair enjoyed exploring because she thinks Erdem and Christopher's lifestyles are "very similar" to the Crawley family in the programme.

The flame-haired beauty explained: "It was really fun to show them around because I think their worlds are very similar. Erdem always had these incredible sets that tell such a story. It's very theatrical."

Meanwhile, Christopher - who established his eponymous fashion label in 2006 - has admitted he felt people copied his work, and he was forced to develop his designs further to prevent his creations from being "stolen".

Speaking previously, he said: "In the past I've walked away from ideas and other people have stolen them so now I'm like, 'Let's do them all'.

"I didn't work my a**e off with Tammy (sister and co-creative director) for 20 years for someone to just run with it and make millions.

"I'm not bitter, just honest."

And the style mogul has revealed he wants his garments to appeal to as many people as possible.

He said: "I'm not a snob. I want the First Lady to wear my clothes but I want a Page 3 girl to wear them too.

"I don't want to be exclusive, I want to be inclusive. I want the 60 year old who buys Oscar de la Renta to shop with us, just as I want a young girl to buy a T-shirt or a lipstick."