Daisy Lowe always channels a different character when she is modelling on a photoshoot.

Daisy Lowe

Daisy Lowe

The 28-year-old fashion muse - who is the daughter of Pearl Lowe and musician Gavin Rossdale - has admitted during her 13 years of modelling she has had to put on a façade to be able to get into "the mood" when shooting a campaign because she believes women's bodies are "constantly scrutinised".

Speaking about her career in front of the camera in a podcast with Glamour magazine titled 'Glamour Presents: Hey It's Ok', she said: "I think with modelling you're constantly scrutinised for your body.

"I've been a model for 13 years now, and you can always hide behind the camera. You are in one room with a handful of people and UI always played characters to get in the mood for whatever we were shooting."

And the catwalk icon, who recently graced the runway during Katy Eary's catwalk show during Men's Fashion Week this year, has admitted she has always been "really nervous" ahead of a fashion presentation, but for the "first time ever" she felt confident on the platform.

The brunette beauty explained: "I went and did a fashion show I walked in Katie Eary's show for Men's fashion week, and usually whenever I've done fashion shows I always get really nervous. And for the first time ever I just thought 'Well now I am putting one foot in front of the other.'"

Meanwhile, Daisy has openly admitted her body shape changes depending on the amount of exercise she does and how much food she indulges in because she is a "big fan" of tasty treats.

She said: "Usually when you start out modelling you're a teenager. Your body changes so much with all of your hormones. Also I'm a big fan of food.

"I am a keen baker, and my body shape certainly changes often depending on how much time I have for exercise and how much I am enjoying food at that particularly time."