Diane von Furstenberg closes her show

Diane von Furstenberg closes her show

Diane von Furstenberg has worked hard to build her fashion empire, and she doesn’t take it for granted in the slightest, but she still believes she’s leading a man’s life.

The fashion legend feels ‘lucky’ to have been so successful in both her personal and professional life – but claiming it’s a man’s life in a woman’s body is just a little anti-feminist isn’t it?

Feminism comes down to equality in gender, so why should women have to call it a man’s life if they’ve been successful in both their personal lives and careers too?

The 67 year old told the Daily Telegraph: "It's my vengeance. I was my mother's vengeance and this is my vengeance.

"I was lucky to be successful, I was lucky to be independent, and I was lucky to be able to say, you know what, I have two children, I have a tycoon, I have a man's life in a woman's body, and I got that, and I'm so happy I got that."

The designer with Vogue editor Anna Wintour

Or is it just sad that that’s how we perceive things in today’s society?

Diane believes she is very much like her late mother Lily, a former prisoner of war who died in 1990, and says her parent taught her to "embrace" every challenge she encountered in life.

She said: "As a daughter you really only understand the true impact of your mother after she dies.

"That's when I realised the strength of my mother and how much strength she gave me, and how much I am like her.

Diane's AW14 collection

"One thing that my mother did, and that is a habit in my life, is that when something unpleasant happens somehow I deal with it, and then, because I deal with it, I've transformed it into something good.

"People ask, 'What are the biggest challenges in your life?' I never know what to say, because every day's a challenge and you just have to embrace it."

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