Diane Von Furstenberg

Diane Von Furstenberg

Diane Von Furstenberg no longer wears her famous wrap dresses because she thinks she doesn't have a waist.

The 67-year-old fashion designer, who created the iconic waist-cinching dress in 1972, opts for less clingy outfits these days because she worries she doesn't have the figure she had when she was younger.

She told The Guardian newspaper: "The wonderful thing about ageing is that you have a past. In fact the only thing I don't like about ageing is the way I look. I don't wear a wrap dress any more, because I don't have the waist, and I don't like that."

Despite admitting she isn't a fan of her looks, the designer insists she hasn't had any Botox or plastic surgery.

Asked if she'd had any work done, she said: "No. Nothing. I haven't done anything at all, which is why I look how I look. But apart from the looks, I get better. I'm smarter, I'm more aware, I'm kinder."

Although the wrap dress made Diane a big name in the fashion world, she admits she sometimes took it for granted, adding, "even though it paid my bills, paid for my children's education, my apartment on Fifth Avenue and my house in the country."

She said: "To be honest, sometimes I even resented it. But now, finally, I see: this dress is actually bigger than me. I am just a conduit for the dress ... It is so much the essence of my brand. I became who I am, because of that dress, because the dress is everything my brand stands for."

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