Dolly Parton always takes "crazy glue" with her in case she breaks a nail.

Dolly Parton

Dolly Parton

The 71-year-old singer is known for her extravagant fashion sense, and the music icon has revealed she has a selection of cosmetic products she makes sure she has on her in case of a beauty emergency.

Speaking about her backstage beauty essentials, the busty blonde said: "Tissue and some crazy glue in case I flip a fingernail, a little flat mirror in case I have to fix an eyelash or something, and a few cosmetic things for if I have to take a little break."

Although the '9 to 5' hitmaker has "a few" cosmetics on hand when she is performing, she still believes she is "low maintenance" because she spends an "hour and a half" getting ready prior to gracing the stage.

When asked if she is high maintenance, the 'Jolene' artist said: "Yeah. I actually am to be honest. I spend my hour and a half getting ready for the show, doing the make-up, the hair, the glitter and all that, but for the most part, I'm pretty low maintenance."

And Dolly has admitted even when she is in the privacy of her own home she will still make an effort with her appearance because she doesn't want to look like a "hag" for her husband of over 50 years Carl Thomas Dean.

Speaking about her style when she is at home, she said: "Everybody has their comfy clothes. But I always try when I'm around the house. The whole world sees me all glamourised and I don't want to go home and just look like a hag for my husband, so I always put on my make-up and fix my hair."

However, the star has revealed she has "baby clothes", which are her casual garments, that she wears indoors.

Speaking to Notebook magazine, she said: "But I have clothes that I call my baby clothes, my comfy things I wear around the house. I have my 'dailies' and my 'nighties'."

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