Ellen Pompeo has the body of a 20 year old, according to her husband Chris Ivery.

Ellen Pompeo

Ellen Pompeo

The 47-year-old actress has revealed her music producer spouse is "the best" because he "constantly" gives her the ultimate compliment and tells her she has the same figure as a female 27 years younger.

She told PEOPLE: "He [Chris] tells me constantly how I have the body of a 20-year-old. He is the best."

And Ellen has revealed she doesn't like to wear too many cosmetic products because her partner of eight years - who married in November 2007 - prefers her as a natural beauty.

She explained: "I don't really like a lot of make-up, and my husband doesn't really like a lot of make-up.

"[Chris] is so supportive. He is amazing."

However, when the 'Grey's Anatomy' star has admitted when she undergoes a make-over, she doesn't like her beauty sessions to take any longer than one hour.

Speaking about her pampering requirements, she said: "My glam time is almost like a party. You get to hang out with super fun and creative people while listening to music.

"But under an hour is always the goal!"

Meanwhile, Ellen has admitted she doesn't want to be troubled too much by her appearance as looking older is a normal part of life, and has accepted life is not all about how you look when you grow up.

Speaking previously, the mother of two - who has daughters Stella, six, and two-year-old Sienna with Chris - said: "Watching myself age on TV is miserable. To be honest, it's the toughest part of my job.

"But as uncomfortable as watching myself age is, I don't think focusing on physical beauty is necessarily the best thing for your mind. It's a natural thing that we all do, but I don't think it's the healthiest thing. The older you get, the more you realize life isn't about your looks. Everyone ages, and it's OK."

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