Emily Ratajkowski used to draw wedding dresses for her teacher in third grade.

Emily Ratajkowski

Emily Ratajkowski

The 26-year-old model has revealed that her passion for fashion can be traced back to her school days, and Emily said that her interest in the industry led her to draw lots of potential dresses for her dream wedding day.

She shared: "I discovered a love for fashion when I was in third grade. I would make drawings of all of my potential wedding dresses for my third grade teacher."

Emily has recently teamed up with the French retail firm The Kooples to design her own handbag.

And the brunette says that she would happily take the bag with her wherever she goes.

She told W magazine: "The Kooples gave the opportunity to make a beautiful bag that I'm obsessed with and I want to wear it all the time."

Meanwhile, Emily recently argued that it's important to be controversial.

The model claimed she would rather be criticised for her opinions than not "stand for anything".

She said: "I think if you don't have haters or if you're not somewhat controversial, then you're not standing for anything in general and that's something I think about a lot.

"So I'd rather be p***ing people off than just everyone liking me. I feel strongly that I'm right about a lot of the things I'm saying and that eventually the world will come around to that, and to me, and that's worth all the frustrations that come with being criticised and being in the public eye and having people say that you're basically full of s**t."

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