Jeremy Scott hates stepping out at the end of his shows.

Jeremy Scott

Jeremy Scott

The 42-year-old fashion designer - who is creative director of Moschino and also works with Longchamp and Adidas Originals, as well as on his own ranges - is uncomfortable in the spotlight and would rather let his clothes do the talking.

He said "The least enjoyable part of my job is walking out of f the show [to take a bow] and having everyone pay attention to me.

"I'm an extroverted introvert."

Though he regularly stays awake until 4am, Jeremy insists it is work, not partying that keeps him up.

He said: "I'm never partying! I'm quite the opposite you know.

"I do my SoulCycle class in the morning and a party boy can't really do that.

"Last night I had been working on colours and prints for my own collection 'cos I'm a tiny bit behind my deadline.

"Then I needed to unwind and watch my favourite show, 'Empire', because Taraji [P. Henson, who plays Cookie] always wears my clothes and I never want to miss it.

"My wild night would be two back-to-back films at the movies."

Despite his hectic schedule, the designer takes pride in how "calm" and organised he always is.

He said: "It was Isabella Blow who pointed it out to me, coming out to meet me the day before my third show when we were just getting to know each other and she was like, 'It's so calm' and I was like, 'That's because everything is done.'

"I had no idea how different her experiences with other people had been, designers throwing things across the room, screaming bloody murder.

"I've just never been that person, the stories still shock me."