Jeremy Scott believes social media has made fashion more democratic.

Jeremy Scott

Jeremy Scott

The Moschino creative director thinks online platforms such as Instagram have helped draw people around the globe into the "world" of high-end designers and catwalk shows and he finds it a lot more "fun" to have such a wider audience, even if they can't afford to buy his wares.

He told the Sunday Times Style magazine: "I use the clothes and the photos and the images to communicate with people, to tune in and engage and to touch.

"I love democratised fashion. There can be this girl in Shanghai who doesn't go to fashion shows or isn't part of the industry in any way, but she can write what she sees because there's access to all the images.

"The more people who feel like they're able to find their way in the better. Maybe you can only purchase a little bit of high fashion or afford this much, but you can still be part of the world.

"I think that's great and positive. It's more inclusive in that way and more fun."

And Jeremy is looking forward to reaching new consumers with his affordable collaboration with high street retailer H+M, with prices starting at just £15.

He said: "I love the fact that I'm able to bring the world of Moschino to the fans. I know how enthusiastic they are, how they'll draw the clothes after they've been on the runway and then they'll try to make their own version.

"I love that I'm able to give them the full breadth of it.

"There's jewellery, there are bags, there are shoes -- the whole lifestyle. I really wanted it to feel like another Moschino collection that I'd send down the runway."

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