Jessica Alba believes it's important for mothers to have a dedicated skincare routine.

Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba

The 38-year-old actress has daughters Honor, 11, and Haven, eight, and two-year-old son Hayes with her husband Cash Warren and once the kids have gone to bed Jessica enjoys taking some time out at the end of her day to have a little "me time" to remind herself to look out for her body as well as taking care of her three children.

She told InStyle magazine: "A skincare routine can sometimes be the only 'me' time that people have in their days. When you are doing something just for yourself, it's a nice reminder that you matter, and that taking time to take care of yourself is important."

As for her own bedtime routine, Jessica likes to "reset her mind" whilst putting her kids to bed, and then soaks in a hot bath with a glass of wine.

She explained: "First and foremost, I get into cosy loungewear and throw my hair into a messy bun. Then I recap the day with the kiddos over dinner, followed by giving the baby a bath and a good cuddle - this fills my soul and helps reset my mind and spirit. I also enjoy a bath with a glass of wine and a good book. I often add a face mask and a hair mask as part of my weekly wind-down routine."

In the mornings, the 'Sin City' actress loves to give her kids a big hug to start her day off right.

Before they all wake up, Jessica likes to squeeze in a 45-minute cardio session to help her feel productive.

She added: "One of my favourite things to do in the morning is to get a cuddle from my kids. I give them all big morning hugs and a smooch. The time crunch of getting the kids up and ready for school or getting to work usually gets my adrenaline going to start the day.

"Some of my favourite days are when I have time to crush a 45-minute hard cardio workout before the kids wake up. I'll usually take a Spin class which will get me home around 7am, which is normally when the kids wake up. Those are the days I feel most productive."

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