Jodie Kidd

Jodie Kidd

Jodie Kidd feels the time is right to make a fashion comeback.

The former supermodel - who quit the industry in the early 2000s to forge a career as a race car driver and a polo player - has decided to make a grand return, spurred on by the recent resurgence of more mature models instead of teenage girls.

The 34-year-old star said: "Even though I walked away from it, I was still surrounded by it. I've always loved seeing it all in magazines, and my sister Jemma is a big make-up artist, so it was still part of my world.

"But I saw a big resurgence of my friends - Erin [O'Connor], Karen Elson, Guinevere [Van Seenus] - in magazines. There seemed to be this huge revival, with the public falling in love with them again, and they all look so bloody amazing!

"It was so refreshing, as a consumer, to be looking at a beautiful woman for once, rather than a teenager. When I was modelling, I was a skinny little 16-year-old girl, supposedly selling clothes to 40-year-old women. I love seeing these women -not girls - modelling fashion."

Jodie missed the glamour of photoshoots and thinks the images she produces will be more interesting now she's a mother and has more life experience.

The leggy blonde added to Time Out magazine: "I just thought I'd love to do it again ... do some amazing pictures with a different head on my shoulders. With an older head, actually. [The industry has changed] in a positive way. If proper, grown women are being shot, something good is happening."