Jourdan Dunn was forced to "have a voice" when she designed her Londunn fashion range.

Jourdan Dunn

Jourdan Dunn

The 27-year-old model teamed up with the online retailer Missguided to launch her own line earlier this year, and the star has revealed being involved in the creative process has taught her to "speak up" and be more confident in voicing her opinions on her garments.

The brunette beauty, who has recently launched her second collection under the label, said: "This is my brand so I need to have a voice; it has taught me to speak up".

But this is a trait the catwalk icon has never had as she has admitted when she was at school she would know the answers to questions posed but would never put her hand up to talk in front of the class because she was "scared" to use her voice.

She continued: "Even at school I would know the answers to questions but would never speak up. I was scared to use my voice. Now I'm learning you shouldn't be scared."

Jourdan - who has seven-year-old son Riley - has admitted she always used to be a people pleaser and would rarely say 'No' when she first started out in the modelling industry.

The star - who has also created a childrenswear range for Marks and Spencer - said: "I always want to please people. I've always felt that I've never been in a position to say 'no', especially when you first start out as a model.

"I realised the only opinion that matters is that of myself. I have learnt to be my biggest cheerleader."

Although the fashion muse has hailed herself as her "biggest cheerleader" she has revealed fellow model Karlie Kloss has always supported her and given her the extra boost of confidence she needs.

Speaking about her 25-year-old pal - who is the godmother to her child - to Stylist magazine, Jourdan said: "Karlie. She's so clued up and all about her business. Sometimes she sees more in me than I see in myself. She's always telling me, 'Jourdan, you are this amazing person, I wish you would see what everybody else sees."