Julianne Hough makes up her own workout routines.

Julianne Hough

Julianne Hough

The 29-year-old actress often attends exercises classes, such as CorePower Yoga and spin sessions, as well as training with fitness experts Simone De La Rue and Tracy Anderson, but the 'Safe Haven' star will also call on her dance knowledge and make up her own regimes to stay fit.

Speaking about her exercise plan to Health.com, the blonde-haired beauty said: "I do, but I change it up. It's not one specific trainer who does everything. I work with a trainer at Body by Simone or one at Tracy Anderson, or I'll do SoulCycle or CorePower Yoga with different trainers. I'm a dancer, so I remember different combinations, so I'll sometimes take what I've learned in classes and make my own workout."

However, the star - who is married to Brooks Laich - has admitted she is not always "Miss Positive perfect girl" and often has days when she cannot be bothered to work out because she suffers with endometriosis, which is a condition where cells similar to the one in a woman's womb collect in other areas of the body.

The 'Dancing With The Stars' professional explained: "Oh my gosh, totally. And that's the thing - I do try to stay as positive as possible, and people always comment on that, but I also work at it. It's not that I'm, like, Miss Positive perfect girl, wake up and everything's sunshine and rainbows.

"No, I have my days for sure. The other day, I was having a major endometriosis "episode" is what I call them, and I was just quiet. [Endometriosis is when] the uterine lining is growing outside [the uterus]. It can look like a spiderweb, and what happens is it contracts and cramps. For me it's an immediate sharp pain, like a stabbing sensation. It hurts so bad. It's ongoing.

"So, trust me, I have my days. Sometimes I don't want to work out, and so sometimes I don't. Sometimes I'm just like, 'I deserve a day off - I'm fine.' But sometimes I'm like, 'No, come on, I know I'm going to feel better afterward.' The end result is always the best. There's never been a time I've finished a workout and been like, 'I totally regret doing that.'"

Although Julianne has admitted she never "regrets" working out, she has admitted she dreads exercising her legs.

She said: "Anything to do with inner or outer thighs - that's my struggle point, so I'm always trying to work on that part of my body. I love doing abs and I love doing arms, so legs are always the hardest for me. But they're the most rewarding."

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