Julien Macdonald spent a "long time" creating the bespoke box for McDonald's.

Julien Macdonald  and the McDonald's bespoke box

Julien Macdonald and the McDonald's bespoke box

The 46-year-old fashion designer has collaborated with the fast food chain and has designed the bejewelled packaging to celebrate the restaurant's new Signature Collection of burgers.

And the creative mastermind has admitted he found it difficult perfecting the limited edition merchandise because the small scale design was "riddled" with technical faults due to the various techniques he used.

Speaking to BANG Showbiz about the obstacles he faced with his latest venture, he said: "It actually took a long time to create the boxes, it's very riddled with lots of technical problems such as printing and different techniques and how to apply it."

The mogul has revealed he didn't have a lot of time in his busy schedule to work on the product, and relied on his creative team to work day and night on one particular weekend to get the box finished in time.

He explained: "It did take a long time, and I didn't have a long time. There was a weekend when nobody in my office went to sleep, we were busy bees."

And Julien is set for a busy few weeks ahead as he is preparing for London Fashion Week and a "fashionable cruise".

He explained: "I'm just preparing now for my London Fashion Week show, it's London Fashion Week in three weeks time, before that I actually host a fashionable cruise, which members of the general people who have booked a cruise will get the experience to see two fashion shows and a talk. So I am going on a fashionable cruise from London to New York and we arrive in New York Fashion Week, where I'll be hosting a cocktail party with IMG Models as part of a celebration of me coming to New York, and experience a very short two days in New York Fashion Week. Then I will come back and I will have one week to prepare my fashion show in London, and that is a luxury as I usually have three days."

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