Kate Bosworth dresses to flatter her "boyish figure" - because she knows she doesn't have curves like Beyoncé.

Kate Bosworth on FASHION Magazine

Kate Bosworth on FASHION Magazine

The 33-year-old actress often looks at the clothes worn by the bootylicious singer with admiration but knows she doesn't have the curves to match her fabulous figure.

Instead, Bosworth focuses on outfits that max the most of her body shape.

In an interview in the October 2016 issue of FASHION Magazine, she said: "I'll look at someone like Beyoncé and say, 'That dress is so amazing on her,' but I know that my body type is completely different. I have more of a boyish figure, so anything that's too loose or shapeless isn't the most flattering for me."

Although she knows what suits her frame, Bosworth isn't afraid to be bold with her choices.

The 'Before I Wake' star - who is married to Michael Polish - changes the way she dresses depending on what city she is in and she always feels confident to "push the envelope" when in New York or Paris.

She revealed: "When it comes to dressing up, I don't have any anxiety at all - it's actually something I really enjoy. It's the quickest way to communicate a feeling - culturally and individually, clothing can represent something about our time or what is going on inside us. Fashion is the most immediate way to see something evolve.

"In New York and Paris, I can push the envelope in terms of fashion. I can be riskier with my choices there. The type of choices you see on the streets there are more bold in terms of expression. Los Angeles is more casual; I pull back a little bit in terms of what I wear."

The October 2016 issue of FASHION Magazine is available from September 19.