Kate Hudson's shaved head "cuts down" the time spent on her daily beauty routine.

Kate Hudson on the cover of Cosmopolitan magazine

Kate Hudson on the cover of Cosmopolitan magazine

The 38-year-old actress hacked off her blonde locks in July this year in preparation for her upcoming film 'Sisters', and the star has revealed her new do has taken minutes off of her post-workout make-up regime.

Speaking to Cosmopolitan Online, the 'Fool's Gold' star - who has 13-year-old son Ryder and six-year-old Bingham from her previous relationships - said: "Shaving your head. Cuts down on time spent post-sweat.

"My morning routine is coffee, kids, breakfast, I try to meditate, I water my bonsai, and school drop off, and then I start my day."

The Fabletics founder - who is the daughter of Goldie Hawn and her ex-husband Bill Hudson - has made it known she is a sports fanatic, and she believes there are three key elements to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

She explained: "Staying connected! Tuning in and listening to what your body needs. Exercise, meditation, sleep, etc."

Meanwhile, the style icon - who is currently dating Danny Fujikawa - has admitted she feels her most "sexiest" when she has stripped off and is about to enjoy a steamy sex session.

She said: "I feel sexiest when I'm naked and about to have sex."

But Kate's response comes as no surprise as she has admitted she feels she has got "naughtier" as she has matured, and would tell her younger self to "loosen up" and be a freer spirit.

She explained: "The advice I would give my 15-year-old self is always a hard question because I got naughtier as I got older. Maybe it would have been to loosen up a little bit then, but I feel like I made up for it when I was 19."

But the California-born beauty hasn't ditched her mischievous ways as she has hinted she throws the best parties and receives compliments from her guests after.

She said: "My number one rule for parties is the host always has to be having the most fun. I've had windows break at my house, I've has to reupholster my chairs and my sofas. There's not one party that I have had when I haven't got a call from my friends that aid I needed that that was so much fun I had the best time. And a really, very, very stocked bar."