Kenneth Branagh "enjoys" his yoga sessions.

Kenneth Branagh

Kenneth Branagh

The 56-year-old actor has admitted he regularly undertakes the fitness session, and though he started having lessons "later in life", he things it is "a necessary" activity for "men of a certain age" to do to stay supple.

Speaking about his fitness hacks to PEOPLE, the 'Hamlet' star said: "I love walking my dog. I have a little Jack Russell who runs my life. I talk to him; I train him.

"I'm a man of certain age who's come to enjoy yoga. I came to it later in life, but lately, it's a necessary thing."

Kenneth portrays Detective Hercule Poirot in the new film adaptation of the late Agatha Christie's 1943 novel 'Murder on the Orient Express', and he has admitted he spent "six months" creating on the best shape for his moustache.

The movie icon said: "[It took] six months of work to work out what's the volume, what's the shape and how do we put it on."

But Kenneth is pleased with the facial hair him and his creative team decided on because it hid his "entire mouth".

He said: "It's a great moustache because it almost hides your entire mouth. So I recommend this to sports coaches. If you want to not even have the problem about lipsync readability, grow a Poirot moustache and you can get away with quite a lot."

Kenneth has revealed he also worked closely with a dialect coach and learned French to help him achieve an authentic accent.

Speaking previously about his preparation for the movie, he said: "I don't speak other languages so learning to speak in a French accent meant trying to learn to speak French to begin with, then how to speak French with a Walloonian accent, then with a Walloonian accent of a man born in Spa, who lives in London. All of that was quite specific. Otherwise you could be generic and sound like Inspector Clueso. He's not that. Everything about it had to have as much detail as possible."

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