Stephanie Shepherd is making a name for herself without former boss Kim Kardashian West.

Stephanie Shepherd with Kim (c) Instagram

Stephanie Shepherd with Kim (c) Instagram

Stephanie used to be the 'Keeping Up with the Kardashians' star's assistant but they parted ways after things got complicated when she became close to Kim's older sister Kourtney and now Stephanie is following in the Kardashian sisters' footsteps by modelling for a new jewellery line.

She is the new face of jewellery brand 8 Other Reasons latest 'Woman' campaign which revolves around "strong, independent women everywhere".

Kim's long-term assistant has racked up an impressive one million Instagram followers since joining the Kardashian West team in 2013, but she was asked to leave her position in 2017 after Stephanie reportedly wanted to transition into a bigger role within Kim's empire and their friendship came in the way of the business.

A source told People: "Kim gave her the chance but after a short period of time it became clear that Stephanie just didn't have the knowledge to take on a role like that. Kim made an executive decision to part ways. Steph went from being an assistant to being a celebrity, for a regular girl, she has a huge social media following. She loves the attention, but it took away from her job. There was a feeling that being Kim's assistant, Steph should stay more in the background. But Kim is the one who helped her get the followers by posting pictures with Steph."

However, Kim revealed there is no bad blood between her and Stephanie - who was often pictured with the Kardashian sisters as they travelled the world - and their parting was "respectful".

In an episode of 'Keeping Up with the Kardashians' Kim recalled their conversation before she asked Stephanie to leave saying: "I said, 'I love you a lot, like a sister, and this conversation is really hard for me to have. But I just think that you've outgrown your position here. She was like, 'I totally get it and I totally respect you and you've taught me everything. I'm so grateful and I've been with you for five years.'"