Koffee credits her "simple style" to growing up in Jamaica.

Koffee reveals the inspiration behind her chilled style

Koffee reveals the inspiration behind her chilled style

The breakout reggae star - who is hotly rumoured to have collaborated with Rihanna - has admitted the trendiest fashion wasn't accessible in her home country, and as a result, she's never ventured too far from sweatpants and hoodies.

She said of her style in an interview with Nylon magazine: “Growing up in Jamaica, we have access to a lot less. Not that we’re, like, under a rock, but when it comes to the latest fashion trends, we’re more like, ‘What works?’ We don’t necessarily have the newest things, so we’ll rock what’s available. I’ve developed a simple style based on that: sweatpants, hoodies, stuff like that. But I think my style is growing a little as I experience different things.”

The 'Toast' singer's fashion choice of a tuxedo courted criticism at the 2020 Grammys - where she won Best Reggae Album for her 'Rapture' EP.

Koffee, 22, reacted at the time: “I wanted an outfit I knew I could wear all day, still feel good and confident in, and that suit represented that for me after I tried a few. I am a person who dresses to be comfortable; I did not allow the Grammy Awards name and won’t allow the title to stop me from doing that.”

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