Kylie Minogue

Kylie Minogue

Kylie Minogue is a "letdown" when it comes to fashion.

The pop princess admits her glamorous look is just for show and her go-to style when she's relaxing at home is actually "total frumpsville".

The 45-year-old star joked: "I'm a complete letdown. At home the stilettos come off. The comfy clothes go on.

"I'd love to maintain this illusion that I kind of elegantly waft around at home or something but I need that balance in my life, to just be completely anti-fashion and put on whatever is closest and home is the place to do that."

Kylie has compiled some of her best stage looks in a new book, Kylie Fashion, to celebrate 25 years of her style through her career, and revealed things often get heated backstage when she has to get changed quickly.

According to the Daily Express newspaper, The 'Spinning Around' singer said: "About half my costumes you can't move in. A lot of stuff goes down in the quick change.

"It depends if the show is going well or not going well what type of vocabulary I choose."

The Australian beauty previously revealed she deliberately chose to include some of her biggest fashion mistakes in the new book since she felt most woman could relate to them.

She said: "Some of the fashion disasters are still in there. I didn't lose them all. It was interesting looking back at all the shots.

"There were definitely a few fashion disasters, darling, disasters. But hey, most people can relate to that."

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