Lady Gaga believes that makeup is "not good" for your skin.

Lady Gaga on launching the future of clean makeup

Lady Gaga on launching the future of clean makeup

The 36-year-old pop star launched her cosmetics company Haus Labs back in 2019 but admitted that throughout her time as founder of the company she has learned how "dirty" makeup can be as she aims to find "futuristic formulas" as the brand enters its newest chapter.

She said: "In a lot of ways, rebranding Haus Labs felt very similar to reinventing myself as an artist. hat it taught me about makeup, and this informed where we are today, is that a lot of makeup is made with really dirty ingredients. It’s not good for your skin and it’s not good for the planet. [My team and I] really thought about how to go beyond what the industry standards of “clean” were. "

The 'Bad Romance' hitmaker went on to explain that with the newest line of Hause of Labs products, she has removed thousands of those "unclean" products from the previous range and hopes to be the "future" of clean makeup.

She told Fashion Magazine: "As an artist, you’re always trying to push the boundaries of who you are. When I started as the founder of this company, my knowledge of beauty was much more limited to my own sense of artistry.

"We’ve removed 2,600 ingredients from our products. We like to say at our company that we’re the future of clean makeup, and that’s the thing that propels us every day. How do we explore the art of clean? How do we find interesting, innovative, futuristic formulas?"

Lady Gaga's newest line of Haus Labs launched on June 9 exclusively at Sephora.

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