Lethal Bizzle has collaborated with app mysnapp to launch a line of streetwear t-shirts.

Lethal Bizzle

Lethal Bizzle

The 33-year-old grime star joined forces with the innovative fashion and music app - which allows fans to shop for clothing worn by their favourite artists in music videos - for an exclusive collaboration to mark the release of his new single 'Fresh', which will see the clothing worn in the video made available through mysnapp.

Bizzle himself designed the t-shirts that he wears in the music video for the new track, and the bespoke garments are only shoppable on the app.

The t-shirts are emblazoned with the song's lyrics "No phone calls, just text" and Bizzle's notorious 'Stay Dench' branding, and are available in black or white.

Lethal Bizzle said: "I've collaborated with mysnapp to design two brand new limited-edition Dench t-shirts which you'll see me wearing exclusively in my brand new video Flex. Check out the video, you might see some donny's you recognise, and you can shop all the outfits from the video too. Flex video: mysnapp.link/flex.

"The idea for the 'No Phone Calls Just Text' Dench tee came about from my lyrics on Flex, and I've designed two exclusive limited-edition Dench tees with mysnapp for my Dench Gang! Head to mysnapp to shop it exclusively now."

Although the t-shirts feature Stay Dench branding, they are only available through mysnapp and are a limited time offer, which will never be repeated.

The exclusive tees aren't the only garments Bizzle - whose real name is Maxwell Owusu Ansah - wears in the video, as he also dons the latest fashion from Fendi, Nike and Off-White, as well as a variety of highly exclusive African garms too.

All of the clothing worn in the 'Fresh' music video is available to buy on mysnapp, which has also stocked clothes from artists including Zayn Malik, MØ and Justin Timberlake.

To find out more, please visit mysnapp.link/flex and download the mysnapp app via: http://mysnapp.link/app